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Chromium Logo Style

Chrome is all the rage these days... it's a web browser, an operating system, a shiny finish to put on your tire rims or bathroom faucet, and it's a Cool Text logo style!

Chromium is a slick style to give that shiny edge to your logo. The logo glows with its own brightness, which is fully customizable in color. Use one of our gradients to brighten up your logo, or pick your own color from the color chooser to give your logo the look you want. Or, if glow isn't your thing, set the glow to the background color and it'll disappear.

Chromium also has a cool sparkle effect, just in case that glow around the edge just isn't enough shine for you. The sparkles will come in the same color as the glow.

And now....sick of that silvery chrome color? The color of the chrome on your logo is fully customizable as well. If you can find it on the color spectrum, we can chrome it!

As always, the background is fully customizable, and there are hundreds of fonts to choose from.